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Mike McDade
The initial exam by Dr Cunnington was the most thorough I’ve ever had. He suggested several ideas that none of my previous dentists or periodontists ever mentioned. Both he and the staff are very professional. I’m definitely a fan!!!

Scott Pangrle
Dr Cunnington is very skilled and compassionate. He checks in with us after we get home from extensive dental treatment. Jamie, the hygienist, is the best! Super gentle, skilled, and caring. The whole crew are very friendly and care about how we are doing. A very good group!

Linda P
Dr. Cunnington is an excellent dentist. He gives fairly painless shots, is skilled, thorough, kind, and positive. He phones me to check up on me in the evening after I get a crown. Jamie is an excellent hygienist who painlessly cleans my teeth twice a year. She has a gentle touch, and is thorough, kind, and careful. Even the flossing part of her cleaning is painless. The front desk gal is very nice and efficient. I always love looking at the awesome water view from their office. They play great, familiar 1970’s and 80’s music too. Nice!

Jerry Huska
I enjoy going to this Dental Office...it's a beautifully place and the people are beautiful too. I have two bridges made by the doctor twenty years ago and they are holding up great . I'm ready for a tooth implant with no fear that the procedure will be the best therefore I will post five stars.

Joy Cowan
This is a great place to go. The entire staff is wonderful. Dr Cunnington is friendly, professional and gentle. I highly recommend him for your dental needs.

Missy Rief
If you want a dentist who is kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable, then Dr. Cunnington and his staff is the right place to go! I have been with this same office for over 9 years now and my mouth has never been in better health! From 3 times a year getting a wonderful cleaning to working through each problem area in my mouth over the years and finally last year the sleep study that showed I would benefit from the Norval mouth guard system to curb my sleep apnea (and snoring). This little mouth guard has been a life changer! (Just ask my husband! Lol!) I sleep so soundly most nights and almost no snoring! Thank you Dr Cunnington and staff! Highly recommend.

Alan Garnes
Friendly, professional staff...comfortable surroundings. Dr. Cunnington is knowledgeable and takes the time to get to know his patients. Great experience all around!

Joshua Brocklesby
Great people and excellent dentistry. Calm, honest, and informative! Hygienist does a great job!

Sean Caudle
Amazing service. I was super scared to go to the dentist due to child hood memories but once I sat down everything was ok I didn't feel a thing. the receptionist Peggy was amazing and so was the dental staff

Bill Barnet
Dr. Cunnington and his staff always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I just had two crowns placed on my two front teeth and they look PERFECT!

Todd Jensen
At Cunnington Dental on Tuesday. Jaime Brocklesby is a great hygienist!

Erik Hill
Dr. Cunnington and his team are absolutely amazing to work with! My fear of dental work was completely alleviated.

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