Cosmetic Dentistry

Are the teeth in the proper proportion position or angulation? Are the back teeth going to support the front teeth appropriately? Sometimes orthodontics can greatly improve the simplicity and stability of dental reconstruction. Sometimes the patient isn’t interested in orthodontics, and so I need to find another way to resolve the condition. Veneers can fix discolored, malformed teeth, or to close gaps. Whitening teeth can make your teeth look younger.

At Cunnington Dental, we've had patients come to us with the full spectrum of cosmetic dental issues. From whitening to implants, veneers to bridges, every one of our patients has left our office smiling unabashedly.


Veneers are very lifelike porcelain restorations that are made in a lab by a highly skilled prosthodontic technician. Fortunately, preparing a tooth for a veneer is much more conservative than what is required of a crown. The appearance can be very transforming. My son had what is called microdontia – small teeth. When his ortho treatment was finished, and the teeth were in the proper place, they looked like a white picket fence with gaps between all his front teeth. I then placed veneers, and voila, they now look the right size for his smile.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth naturally darken down with time. So, kids tend to have bright teeth, and oldsters have significantly darker teeth. What has changed in the past several decades, is we are living much longer than our grandparents, and we are much more likely to keep our teeth healthy for a lifetime – thus no more pretty dentures. The consequence is the color of our teeth can have a significant effect on the appearance of our age. Hollywood has pushed this brightness concept even brighter than the color of kid’s teeth! So, there is a whole range of tooth color to pick from today. The key is, how does the color of your teeth make you feel? That’s a personal decision. Once you get the color you like, then keep the whitening trays and do a “touch up” a few times a year, and you can maintain your desired color for the rest your life.

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